Not showing as tax invoice even when taxes are enabled

Template ttle is not Tax Invoice even when using tax codes. Only shows as Invoice.

Are you using in-built tax code or did you create custom tax code? If you are using in-built tax code, which country are you using tax codes of?

Built in Maldives GST 6% tax code

hi @lubos

Noticed that for Maldives it still isnt fixed.

Do you have a date for fixing it?

And for the time being what can be done?

I’m using Cloud edition


Is there a legal requirement for Maldives sales invoices to be titled as “Tax Invoice?” If so, can you provide a link to an official source? If there is no legal requirement, the program will not be changed.

Meanwhile, if you want to change the title, see this Guide:

Yes. There is a legal requirement. Refer to link below

Chapter 9, page number 19.

Implemented in the latest version (17.10.6)

Thank you.

thanks a lot