UAE tax questions

Hi Lubos, i have cloud version, This is from UAE, My queries are below,

There is no any built in TAX code for UAE
I have created one tax code VAT, its working fine.
My invoice is showing heading Invoice Not TAX INVOICE, how to resolve it.

Business identifier - Can this field added to Supplier also.


Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours had nothing to do with templates (which are obsolete) or South African tax issues.

Yes, there are two:

33 AM

If you select the UAE tax code, sales invoices will automatically be titled Tax Invoice.

Create a custom field. Set it to show as a column and/or on printed documents.

this should be a default in Manager rather than a custom field. creating it as a custom field will require the user to customize theme wrt where it is displayed on the document. a business identifier is supposed to be a part of the supplier details and not merely a part of any document.

In the case of the UAE, there is no such legal requirement. If someone really wants to add it higher up on the form with other supplier information, it can be put into the supplier’s name or address box.