Non-unique identifier in Inventory Items

I get a warning message of inventory items with non-unique identifiers

I only have 96 items. Have identified those 3 unique ones but cannot tell what could be the reason why Manager finds the other 93 non-unique. Any help to fix this would be appreciated.
Note that a while back I did a Batch Update. Manager behavior with new items since the update seems inconsistent:

  • Just created a new test item and that has a unique identifier.
  • But my existing list has a mix of old items (prior to batch update) which are unique. And few new items created recently, after the batch update which are non-unique!

I also have a few Inventory Custom Fields but I don’t imagine that would have any bearings on this issue.
Thanks …

Are you using item codes ? - recently a new feature was added where it highlighted inventory items which had duplicate codes - same code but different products.

Have you clicked the “View” button - this should display the 93 items and show the matching coded products. If your products have no codes, then it could display all the products with no codes - as they match

Yes I’m using Item Codes @Brucanna . So is that what identifier is referring to? And yes I the have one code used for different products in many instances. In a way I use the Item Code as Item Type Code, not a unique identifier for each single product. That explains it, thanks.
I thought identifier refers to some internal auto-generated database code which might have been messed up with my batch update.
@lubos I suggest to change the warning to read “… non-unique item code” which is what it actually is.

Item codes should be unique. If they are not, they are not really item codes and you should just leave the field empty.

You can always put your non-unique item code to description field instead.

Yes I see the original purpose and will update. But the warning message is still misleading, and the change will help to avoid misunderstanding by others.

Yeah, warning is very generic. I agree this will have to change.