Item Code for Inventory Item

I am using Manager for a small business, where I have to purchase stock and sell the items (Sometimes assembling also). I wish that there would be a way to identify items by Item Code instead of names as in my business there are a number of similar names of items but the items are technically different. i.e. There are almost 10 types of “Washers” and “Spring Washers”. But each type of washer is having its unique size, feature and application. In this case naming the items with same name is a confusing task.

Name field should contain unique name of the item. If this unique name is some kind of alpha-numerical code so be it. Use that. Name can be “Spring Washer” or “SW45435435”. It’s really up to you.

Catagory: Sub-Catagory

  • Washer: 1/4"Fender
  • Washer: 1/4" Lock
  • Washer: 3/8" Flat 1/4"OD

I don’t sell Washers, but this method works fine. A Search for “Washers” gets you to the right Catagory.

name should not be as code(item#) . The standard way is each name has a code(item#) . and The name ,ie, description, can be accessed except by code(item#). . Thanks.

I am using this software for my small business, we have small problem, I am creating inventory by its code, but code is not unique if we made any other inventory by same code it is accepting due to this we have made so many entry twice can you resolve this.

To understand your post, you are creating inventory using a code, when you make other inventory you are using the same code. Is this other inventory the same product or a different product altogether’
If a different product why are using the same code.
Also, what type of entries have you made so many times twice?

The ability to detect duplicate entries is coming in the future.

I mean to say is there any method to prevent same code entry to reduce work manually.

See my previous answer. Not yet.

Not currently, but what you could do is create a control list of potential codes and they are crossed off when used. Controlling inventory codes is a management not an accounting function. In the future Manager will have the capability to double check management’s allocation of codes by preventing duplications