Inventory numbering system

Hi, I am running the desktop version of Manager to solve any problems until we go to the cloud. I have discovered that the software allows the use of an inventory code for more than one item. I can use ABC001 for canned fish, and accidentally, down the line, I can use the same code for raw oysters.

This can be terribly confusing for both the user and the software. If I invoice an item as ABC001, what is the computer going to retrieve?

Please do try and resolve this one soon as I am also looking at another package and I will go with them if there is no work around.

I am running the software on a MacBook Pro with El Capitan.

Thanks and regards


If you have duplicates you should see a message displayed as below

Hi Brucanna

I do not get a warning message at all, which is worrying. Most other systems will not even let you get past the number before warning you. I will go back and double check.

thanks for your time and I will let you know soonest.

Hi again Brucanna

Definitely no warning. I deliberately duplicated an existing number and it accepts the product with no hesitation

The duplicate code will be accepted, not rejected, but the above warning message will be displayed.

@Fiscalshrike, what version of Manager are you using (under About Manager at the top)? What you describe was a shortcoming that was fixed many months ago. The current version (as of this moment) is v16.11.28.

Hi, I am using version 16.1.4 which I downloaded from the net a few days
ago. I have decided to go with another package but thank you for your time.

16.1.4 edition was released back in January, therefore you must have been using a third party site which doesn’t keep an up to date edition. There have been so many features added since then you probably now wont recognise the program - check out the releases page

To download a current edition select from the top of the forum page

You must have downloaded from a 3rd party distribution site. These have been reported to be corrupted. You should download directly from There have been nearly 1,000 updates since your version, which is from last January. It would be fair to say Manager is an entirely different program now in many respects. It progresses very rapidly.

Thanks for the info. to have more than 1000 updates is a bit mind
boggling. I am downloading the latest version from your website and will
comment on it later. Pretty sure that we will be using Xero though.

Most of the updates are invisible to the user. They streamline the code, fix arcane bugs, etc., that have never been noticed by anyone. But during the time frame involved here, there have been several major enhancements.

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