"No tax" line item on tax reports

For filing a sales tax return, I need total gross sales as well as taxable sales.

The Tax Audit report has a “No tax” column, but the rows include asset accounts also. Is it possible for
How can I add a “No tax” row or group to the Tax Summary or Tax Transactions reports, so that the information I need would be easily accessible in the report?

What country are you from? There is more appropriate solution.

@isotherm, I think you are looking at this incorrectly. Rather than trying to get this information from one of the tax reports, recognize the fact that non-taxable sales are not really involved with taxes collected, assessed, or payable at all. Yes, sales tax reports often ask for differentiation between total gross sales and non-taxable sales that are included. But tax authorities do that for two reasons: (1) so they can reconcile your report with other returns, such as income tax returns, and (2) simply as a way of seeing which portion of your sales is taxable (total minus non-taxable).

A better way to easily get the figures you need is to set up taxable and non-taxable income accounts. You can specify which tax codes apply to various accounts. For example, in my jurisdiction sales tax is collectable for remission to the government on most product sales, but only on a very few specific service sales. And different products or services might be taxed as different rates. So I might have taxable and non-taxable product income accounts and taxable and non-taxable service income accounts. In the chart of accounts, these could be grouped to get subtotals. The result is that you would get your desired income figures from the Profit and Loss Statement, not a tax report.

Thanks for the quick replies! I am in the United States, but I only need to collect sales tax for one state.

I tried setting up another income account, but I’m unclear how that should interact with inventory. “Inventory - sales” seems to be the only account that lets me select the items sold. Is there some special way to set up another income account that can work with inventory?

I’m not an inventory expert with Manager, because my current business does not use that module, but I think you can only use the one control account. However, you can override any default tax code line by line on a sales invoice. Anyway, aren’t all your inventory sales subject to sales tax?

Only inventory sales within my state are subject to sales tax. Mail order sales to other states are not, at this time.

I currently do override the tax code as necessary. I considered adding a “Not taxable” tax code, but that’s messy and easy to forget to do uniformly. So mainly I’m looking for a way for a report to list those items that have no tax code selected, similar to the Tax Audit report.

Currently, I run the Profit and Loss report to know what to enter for gross sales, and then run the Tax Summary report to report taxable sales. It is a minor inconvenience, and I was just curious if there was a way to have it in one report.

Currently that is probably your simplest solution due to Inventory only having one allowable Sales Income account. #1 on the roadmap is the development of Custom Control Accounts which I understand will permit more than one Sales Income Account, but if that will be a solution for you I’m unsure.

If the Sales accounts are selectable during the creation of a Sales Invoice (interstate “v’s” intrastate) then you are ok, but if the sales accounts are assigned at the inventory level (interstate “or” intrastate) then that doesn’t help you.