Custom report sales


if i want to include Net sales and net purchases in my custom report how i can do it?
i want to do a sort of tax summary report but in my way. is it possible? thanks

Those values are not available, because they are the product of coding built into transaction forms and reports. They are calculated from line item information for all line items on a form and are not stored as variables themselves.

But a tax summary report exists.
So I can’t make my custom report with some of values from there?

No, because the coding for that report calls up underlying data and makes those calculations. The report itself contains no actual accounting data. It’s just a list of parameters. Reports are generated fresh every time you view one, based on the parameters listed.

In other words, the code for the Tax Summary report calculates net sales or net purchases from individual line item data.

If you want sales and expense (purchase) information, why can’t you use the Profit and Loss Statement? That is what it is for.

Ok sir