No save button on desktop version

Dear Sir, I downloaded couple of days ago the free desktop version.
After reading on your forum I noticed that I don’t have the Save button in Invoice that allows to generate PDF as I understood.
Thanks for your help there.

There is no such button. You must “print” to PDF. How this is done depends on your operating system. It might be built-in, as on a Mac, or you might need a separate driver.

Was that Purchase or Sales invoice.? At the bottom of either you should see a Create button

After clicking Create you should see

Thanks for your fast reply.
Actually I must have misunderstood a topic read on the forum where there is a save button.
Indeed I have this create button that offers the option to print and then I create a pdf.
My initial problem is about the long invoice on multiple pages that just appeared completely wrong, with empty pages before and after and the table not appearing completely.
I thought it comes from my pdf converter and was hoping that such an integrated Save button would solve my problem.
I read previous topic where the solution is coding directly into the template but I am not an expert at all and not able to do this myself unfortunately.

Thanks anyway for your help!

Search the forum for several discussions on PDF problems and workarounds.

@wyze, there was a save button for a little while, but it has been removed, due to issues with the PDF creation.