Newly created custom theme misses functions compared to no custom themes

This should be considered a bug and can be replicated by anyone as follows:

  1. Create a new Test Business
  2. Enable the necessary tabs.
  3. Create a footer, in this case similar to below

  1. Create a bank account, a customer, and an inventory item

  2. Create a sales invoice as below and select the footer

  3. View the sales invoice you just created (see below). It will contain the build-in theme’s total under (kg) column and the Test Footer Text, although not fully compliant as the <hr> did not produce the expected solid line above “…This is an example…”

  4. Go to settings → Themes and create a new theme (there is no theme present) such as Footer Theme without editing any of the Theme content.

  5. Edit the sales invoice and select the new custom theme as in below screenshot

  1. View the sales invoice. The footer disappeared and also the total (2) of the kg-column.

Thank you for the clear illustrations. I have put this into bugs.

please share the coding of above theme @eko

In step #7, he said that the default theme was not edited. The only thing that changed was creation of a custom theme. And that now begins with the default theme code. The point of this bug report is that features stop working even when they have not been removed. Apparently, the fact that a custom theme is used is the trigger, not what its code is.

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As per the topic below, themes are no longer going to be supported. What works today will continue working for foreseeable future but it won’t be evolving anymore.

Instead, I’m interested why are you using custom themes in the first place and what is Manager missing so you can move away from custom themes.