Column totals row disappears when using custom themes

In version 22.7.15 (but also reported on earlier versions by some users), the column totals row that is displayed by the Plain theme disappears from the view of the completed transaction when the Plain theme code is copied to a new custom theme. As an example, here is a sales invoice with the new layout option checked and the default, Plain theme:

If a new custom theme named Plain Duplicate is created using the Copy to button while viewing the Plain theme in the Settings tab, but no other changes are made, the same sales invoice displays as below. The column totals row is gone:

In some way, functionality is lost by copying the default theme to a custom theme with no changes. The column totals row is also missing when using any built-in theme except the Plain theme. So the problem seems to be tied to use of a custom theme rather than to any specific custom theme: For example:

One user reported being able to fix this problem by removing businesses and importing backups of the same businesses. I cannot replicate that fix. I also cannot fix the problem by opening a backup directly rather than from within the application.

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Me neither. Looking at the Plain theme’s code, there’s no additional code to add the new Amount and Tax Amount totals.

As per the topic below, themes are no longer going to be supported. What works today will continue working for foreseeable future but it won’t be evolving anymore.