How to code for showing Footers on new Custom Themes

Here is my default Theme:

You can check my settings:
Active-Default Theme

Footers sign is showing on this theme.
But after Creating a New Theme without any touch on code, it’s not showing my footers sign.

Here is my new theme without any edit on code:

And Settings Details:
Active-New Theme Without Edit

So now, how can I code for footers sign on my new custom Themes?
And also why isn’t the same new theme as the default theme?

Write code in here.
There is no relation with Custom Theme and Footers.
Manager wants to obsolete the Custom Theme Features so, try to solve your problem with others features.

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Search the forum, footers and other new features will not work with any custom theme, only the inbuilt theme will use them. We are currently in an in-between phase where customization works but does not allow the use of new features such as footers and where the new system to help with more customization of the look and feel is not yet developed. So you either continue until the new system is in place with your custom theme(s) and not use any newer feature such as footers or use the inbuilt themes but forgo customizations such as colour in tables.

I think you don’t notice these things…
Mark-Active-New Theme Without Edit

And this is the result for the default theme:

And this is the result for the New created theme:

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Exactly as I explained but well illustrated.

Hello @lubos,
Can you post here the default themes code, please?
The newly created themes aren’t the same as the default themes.

The default display no longer uses a theme, so there is no such code.

To put it simple. If you wont to use all new bells and whistles of Manager, say goodbye to theming in the moment. You are stuck with default theme and that is that.