Footer Not Appearing

I created a footer for Invoices. I added two lines of a message. However, when I create a new invoice and select the footer, it does not show on the screen or in the “Print” preview. What’s up with that? The guide doesn’t really explain anything. It basically says create one and it shows up. The format of the Footnote screen (it has numbered lines) makes me believe it expects some type of coding to create the footer. The guide, however, doesn’t mention such a requirement.

From your another post i assume you are using custom themes which are obsolete and footer doesnt work when custom theme is selected. Footer only works with the default theme. So if you want to use footer either use default theme or just add the footer information to your custom theme.

Thank you! I was not informed about that restriction. Considering I am struggling to get my old custom theme to look correct in the newer version of Manager, this adds a whole other layer of complication that needs to be resolved. Very disappointing.