Newer Versions of manger does not launch on desktop

Newer versions of manager installs but did not launch. Any one understands why? and what can be done?

Not without you providing more information.

  • Are you using the Windows, Mac or Linux version of Manager?
  • Is it giving any error message?
  • What are you doing to try to launch manager an what exactly happens?
  • About what version of Manager last work OK for you?

using Windows 7.
The last version that works is the version 19.10.13.
Subsequent versions installs properly but when you try to launch the program, it just simply doesn’t come on. No error message displayed.

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Windows 64bit or 32bit?

There is now a separate alternative download for 32 bit Windows. The link is in smaller print under the main Windows 64 bit button on the normal download page Download | Manager

Same problem here to me…