New version windows

I have a problem with the new versie. I can’t open it. This is the error

Someone can help me, prefer dutch language

did you do a new installation or updated from an old version?
What Windows version?

i remove mij older version en did download a new version 19.12.12

windows 10

for updating to a newer version you do not have to uninstall the existing version of Manager.
make sure you followed everything in the guide

did the installation successfully complete? try uninstalling the program and install it again.

o i didnt know, i always remove and download again, hihi

okay i removed again in progams install or delete. Then i download it again and nothing change it.
But i still get the error

What now?

maybe you have for me an older version? so i can try that?

the older versions are not available for download. but i can assure you that the newest version works fine on my Windows 10 computer. we just have to figure it out what is wrong with yours though. :slightly_smiling_face:

so was your Windows automatically updated recently?
please check if the Manager Application data folder is not set as Read-only.

my husband came home and he has excluded via security
And now the programmas works

data folder was not set as read-only
and windows was updated