New user's suggestions


What a great piece of software! Thanks for all your effort.

I think the user should see a wizard of some sort that asks them a few questions about their company and applies settings and adds plugins based on their responses. I would think most users would know their company name, address, sales tax rate, etc. It could add the required plugins, setup the invoice text, add a logo, etc.

I searched all through the Settings page a few times before I tried looking in the Plugins page. Maybe the Plugins page should be within the Settings pages.

The ability to at least import customers is a must. No one wants to re-enter their customers basic info.

The “Split” item in the invoice editing is confusing, a simple “Add Line Item” button would make more sense.

“Suspense” in the Account field makes no sense.

A default Account for a line item would be nice.

In the Local Storage section I now see two companies that both lead to the same data when I click on either one. One is marked with a “P” but I can’t see what that means.


I’m not a big fan of wizards, I prefer if people get familiar with the program by exploring. Wizards are once-off and not really helping users to learn and explore the program.

That doesn’t mean I’m happy with the initial experience new users have with Manager, I’m not. There is a lot of polish missing and I’m looking forward on working this more.


  • Ability to import invoices, suppliers, invoice items, general ledger accounts etc. is coming soon
  • “Split” button will be renamed in sales invoice context.
  • “Suspense” is basically placeholder for general ledger account. It is there because if account is not selected, the amount will go to “Suspense” account on financial statements. If you drill-down from financial statements to see what transactions have been posting into “Suspense”, it’s easy to spot all fields with “Suspense”.
  • You can setup “Sales Invoice Items” under “Settings”, there is an option to set default account.
  • I don’t think there would be two entries for the same file. I think you have two files with different names in Local Storage


I’m glad, I’d hate to see someone dismiss the program because they just can’t find where something is configured.

Import invoices & items and GL is important but many people have dozens or hundreds of customers with full address info, I would think importing this would be much simpler than the others. Biggest benefit for user with least work for you.

I don’t see a default sales item under settings. I just see Chart of Accounts, Invoice Settings, Logo and Tax Codes.

I think my file problem may have been caused by entering the initial company name “Patterson Promotional Items, Inc”, there maybe was a problem with having a comma in the name?


You need to enable “Invoice Items” plugin to see “Invoice items” under “Settings” tab.

Regarding “comma” symbol in company files, there was a bug and it has been fixed today.


Good evening, I downloaded Manager this morning and have been having a play with it. So far I find it fantastic, I keep finding myself wondering what the catch is, to be so good, so easy and free! Anyway, I have a new suggestion, on the tear off slip at the bottom, is there any chance a duplication of the customer details from the top of the invoice can be an option? I know it shows the invoice number, but if you dont opt for one of the credit card payment fields, it looks a little blank. Some people still pay by cheque. Again I just want to say, I am loving this programme so far, thankyou.


Yes…, I would say this is a Great Job from a good thinker in a Human way. I mean your work is fantastic. and I have a small Idea for you. IF you can give another Partitions for saving personnel data I mean to D drive or E drive it’s much more convenient. and another thing, If someone have an Inventory (stocks on hand) I think It’s better have a small software Linked with Invoice Items too. I think after this the software will be a Great one too. and Thanks Thanks Thanks for all the effort’s you have taken to Build this for small Business person’s Like Us. you know…, I thought that How I know my financial status and what is happening to Money which I earn. Thanks to you now I can figure it out. you know…, Now I think I have a genius and Honust friend with me… THANKS Brother… and I wish you luck in your future too…


and another thing I need to add for my massage is If we can have a direct cash bill without a due amount withe the same due amount bill, and a Discount column for SALES INVOICE I think people who are using this will appreciate your work more. and Thanks again Brother…, you have done a Great Job for who don’t know to Build a software Like this.