Comments About Setup


I’ve just recommended and implement Manager to one of my clients and you’ll be pleased to hear they love it.

One thing I noticed when setting it up was the VAT plugin had gone. Now I thought this was in part from one of the updates you applied recently and assumed that setting my language to English (UK) would resolve this. However I ended up going to the Tax section and added each Tax code one at a time,

Is this how it will be going forward? I ask only because to be able to apply all the VAT codes at the push of a button like before was one of the great things about this product but if we have to manually add them all then I need to update my implementation documents.

As always though I am really pleased with Manager.


I know it can be a bit of a hassle adding those tax codes one by one but it’s only once-off when setting up brand new accounting file. Not to mention, in many countries, not all tax codes are commonly used so this way users would add only tax codes they will actually use as to keep the interface simple.

The main issue though was that Plugins tab was growing too quickly. It wasn’t very elegant. When you go to General Settings, you can now enable individual features more rapidly. Also, you only see features that are relevant in given context (for example you won’t see option to enable Credit Notes if you haven’t enabled Sales Invoices etc.).

I could make process of adding in-built tax codes with less clicks but since it’s only something you do rarely, I don’t worry about that much as long as people know what to do.


TBH I hadn’t thought about it that way.

I agree and I think the improvements to the plugins far outweigh the extra time in setting up VAT codes.