New to Manager-questions

Hello, I’m new to Manager, using the desktop version on an iMac. Thank you in advance for your advice.

I started with Manager during the summer; set up 2 business and entered bank transactions. Everything seemed to be working well and I was very impressed with the flexibility. After taking a break, when I came back to Manager (and now using Mojave on the iMac), it is extraordinarily slow-to the extent that it is unusable.

How can I insure I have the latest version of Manager installed?
Any advice for improving the speed?


To determine your version number, see

But I can guarantee you need to update if you’ve upgraded your iMac to Mojave. There was an incompatibility with Mojave that has been resolved. There are many forum topics about this if you search for them. Follow this Guide to update:

The update solved the issue, Tut. Thank you for your prompt assistance.