Desktop version Manager 16.1.4

I have update my Mac to Mojave and suddenly I am unable to use Manager software without it freezing. I don’t want to loose all my work by uninstalling. Any suggestions?

You are literally several thousand updates behind. Download and install the latest version of Manager according to this Guide: Be sure to make a backup of your business first, just in case there is any problem. There is no need to uninstall first.

None of your data should be affected, as it is not stored in the application. Your data is all in a separate data file that the new version will call. During installation, your old file structure will be updated to accommodate the dozens of new features added in the last three years.

Thank you. I have downloaded new version successfully. However the footnotes t&c’s no longer appear on my sales invoices. I can’t find an option to insert them. Any ideas?

All explained in the guides - use custom fields and setup form defaults along with some useful examples

Use custom fields
Set form defaults

How were you displaying them in the old version? If you had content in the old, built-in Notes field, the program should have automatically created a custom field called Notes for you and transferred the content on any existing transactions. All you should have to do is create new default text for future transactions, following instructions in the second Guide @Joe91 linked.

If you were displaying your T’s & C’s some other way, describe it.