Feature Request: Add Supplier from the purchase Invoice Screen

It would be great for flow reasons, if you can add a new Supplier from the purchase invoice screen. (Maybe a expand button).

We have new suppliers each moth and its annoying to have to change all the time between screens (although you can do it with browser tabs) for each new supplier invoice we come across each time we are recording expenses.

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I think what would be a good idea is to be able to do what you do in a browser - Right click and open in a new tab - so one can leave current window open and in the new tab do whatever needs to be done. That should be a far simpler change than adding new buttons to various pages.

If you are using the Cloud or Server edition then this can be done, only the Desktop edition has this limitation.

Yes, my point is that the desktop version could be made to work in the same way as it will be trivial coding to add open in new tab functionality rather than having to add new buttons all over the show.

You are replying to dalacor, I suppose, cause it cannot be done.

dalacor The problem is not the tab, it’s the information you enter in the new tab, at least for server edition that i am working on.
If i open a new tab and enter the required info, i then have to refresh the first tab so it will have the information. But when i refresh, every info i have entered gets lost. In addition i believe it’s simpler not to leave current window/tab for the flow of recording expenses and invoices in a bulk.