Idea/suggestion: Adding suppliers "on the fly"

this could be expanded to include other fields

Under the “suppliers” tab, I ONLY use the “name” field, nothing else.

When entering purchase invoices, if I am using a new supplier I am forced to open a new tab and go to the suppliers page and create a new supplier and add their name. Click save, close the tab, drop back to the previous tab and type their name again.

Given that as you type a supplier name, if a similar name comes up, people will correctly choose the appropriate entry and all is good.

If however, that supplier does not exist, it would be more streamlined and efficient if Manager could create a new supplier (user permissions permitting) with the appropriate name they have just entered. A dialog box could come up with either: “Do you wish to create a new supplier, XYZ? YES/NO” or “You are not able to create suppliers on the fly, please create a new supplier in the suppliers tab, or see your account administrator (blah blah blah)” lol

Currently I have a dummy supplier that is called “CASH/ACCOUNT” and I put the supplier in the description. That seems a waste to me.

To expand on this idea, instead of having customers and suppliers and any other type of entity, we could just have “entity” and they could be flagged as being of the supplier or customer type. OOE at it’s best :slight_smile:

I also have the same observation but I learned to do it the way the system handles data.

Afterall, we have the option to specify the supplier’s status (i.e, inactive)

Guide : Manage inactive suppliers | Manager

I think it is helpful to record everything. It’s not really a big adjustment. You just have to get used to how it is done. Also, cost benefit rule, I think status quo is fine. Just inactivate the supplier when you don’t need it anymore.

I don’t have a problem with having too many suppliers. I’m happy to keep them as active. It’s about the efficient entering or creating of suppliers.

Well,you have a point (I have seen this in other cloud accounting softwares) but it depends on how they map it out at the back end. There could be so much to change if we update it, but it would be convenient,correct. However, sometimes, that feature will be annoying, like when you typed an incorrectly spelled name in that field. It always pops up in the list and there is high probability that it can be used again. And if that’s the case (just for example, if we go for that feature, it means it will all be recorded in the Supplier list (in which case, it cannot be deleted but can only be tagged as inactive.) So, what the user does is to go to Supplier’s tab again, right? Same thing. Hehe (Hence, the reason status quo is quite acceptable.) Actually, this software is value for money (indeed).

One more thing, this can be further resolved by “us” , end-users by creating suppliers in the Suppliers tab for now because there are other features that are needed to be prioritized (in my opinion) i.e, Our Request for Quotation to Suppliers. It’s a lot more helpful because before one sends out purchase order to their supplier, Suppliers have to send in their quotes and price data is very helpful in the business.

This is being suggested repeatedly.

I’m not against this idea but it’s only this simple if you are not using multi-currency, don’t use Manager in multi-user environment and it’s only for the fields which populate one type of record.

Many fields populate multiple types. E.g. Item column will list Inventory Items, Non-Inventory Items and Inventory Kits at the same time.

There is some work I’m doing and moving more towards being able to create secondary records (e.g. customers, inventory items etc.) while entering transactions. For now, you’d need to open separate tab.

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A temporary solution ?
This would only apply in situation if its ok to record sales like this, like POS sales where the customer is a “consumer” and not a company …

Customer name “-” can be used repeatedly for single serving customers for invoice speed and so customer list doesn’t get bloated


the “-” in the invoice can hardly be noticed…

We should be careful not to allow users to use such a feature to bypass user permissions (on the customer tab)