New Sales Invoice only shows Expenses - Not Income

How do I make the New Sales Invoices show this is for INCOME / assets etc.?
In the Accounts field, it is only showing Expenses.

My screen is Different than that of the Manager Help screen

I am trying to input my currently paid invoices, but cant seem to get where I need to be.
Have tried Sales Invoices, to No avail.



I made screen shots, but it will not upload them.

I first tried by locating the shot from my PC,

and also tried to drag & drop.

Neither one will upload.

Now it locked up the forum Reply screen & will not let me post.

It just keeps circling, with the uploading symbol at 0 %

I think I may have found how to get it to show the Invoices as Income,

however I cannot figure out Where I go, to input that the invoices have been paid.

This is new software for me & as such, I am a little behind in my bookkeeping.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Basically, I need to input all the invoices (income) & expenses, and mark them paid.

Then generate a monthly report.

Thanks for a moment of your time.


Did you read the corresponding guides?

Are you inputing item or account in the invoice form?