New quarterly report transaction not importing data

I’m new.
I have just entered an additional 200 transactions im the process of transferring my financials to the Manager system.
I have entered the 200 transactions and noticed that this data was not being added to the existin reports.
I also entered older data and subsequently created quarterly reports to cover that period, again with none of the differing data types being imported to these reports either.

I have set up the accounts and tagged each transaction into their respective debit and credit/cash and bank transactions yet no figures are being recognised in the covering period reports.
I have double checked the dates and continue to use the accoun types that months ago entered the reports successfully.

Any clue as to what I am doing wrong?
Regards Matt

How exactly are you entering the transactions?

Post a screen image of one of the entered transactions

Data is not “imported to reports” but the reports use the transactions entered to present the results.

What report is not showing the result you expect?
Again screen images of the report and of the report edit screen will help to diagnose the problem

Try again

Here are a couple more if it assists

The newer reports I ha dmade up previously appear to be working bbut the two new ones for the last 2 quarters of 2014 are not transfering the data.


Make sure you have set the Start Date correctly under Settings


So simple - Thanks Joe.