New Payment Button not appearing

I’m struggling to find how to pay a supplier, despite reading numerous guides on the matter.
When I go to 'Payments > New Payment and fill the form in with the suppliers name in the drop down, no details of the unpaid invoice appear and no drop down box for these details either.
Tried altering from Cash accounting to Accrual, but still the same.
Maybe I’m missing some special guide etc?

Can you post screenshot how you are entering New Payment transaction?

Generally, invoices will be under Accounts payable account. You need to select Accounts payable account before you can select invoice.

It’s in the guide Record a payment | Manager under section Payments against purchase invoices

I have accounts payable listed under liabilities, but have no accounts payable on the main screen or on the options for the main screen

You need to select it as the Account when entering the payment.

Yes, I did select the correct account but no dropdown box with the suppliers invoice detail appear as entered in purchases, all the suppliers names appear but no other info (cost, item etc.) when the individual supplier is selected.

What version are you using?

And if you could post a screen shot of the edit screen for the payment transaction, it will be clearer than just describing what you see

This is all I get!

You have to select Accounts Payable (or whatever you have renamed it to, if you have renamed it) in the Accounts box

This is explained in the guide