New Invoices Variables... AGAIN! and Customer Balance

Hi there to all,

Is there a way to show the Customer’s balance in his invoice, and the new balance after the invoice has been isued?

The schema is balance + invoiced amount = New balance

Is this posible with variables or at least with custom fields in eatch customer?

But how can we show custom fields in the custom invoices? CAn we?

DO we have a list with the varibles used? I read somwhere that all the variables are inside the new templates, so is that mean that there is not a variable for balance? For a custom field?

If we could show custom fields in the invoice, we could do that by hand for each costumer.

Thank you so much.

Balance can only be shown in a statement.

Custom fields cannot be used to perform calculations.

Custom fields are included in themes by default, assuming they contain anything.