Account Receivable Balance on invoice

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Is there any possibility to bring Account receivable Balance ( Customer Due Amount ) on the sales invoice of that customer?

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No, unless you use a custom field and enter the amount manually

You can use the Customer Statement to get this information

The problem with adding the customer balance to the invoice is that in many cases, the customer balance is dynamic and the amount printed on the invoice may be wrong - if, for example, a receipt was posted later in the day or another invoice issued or a credit note issued

Thank you very much for clarifying

Yes as you mentioned the balance is dynamic, but it should be correct at the particular time that the Invoice is being raised. Why do you consider the Invoices, Receipts, or Credit notes that are raised later on the day?
Those invoices also shall carry the dynamic balances which will be the new balance

If I was a customer and received documents all dated 27 Sept 2022 with 3 different balances I would be quite confused

The Customer Statement will show the balnce information clearly

This topic has been discussed many, many times in the forum and also appers in the ideas category, I believe

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