Full list of variables for Custom Invoices

We want to implement the new “View Templates” approach to our invoices. Can you please write a list with all the variables availiable? Is there such a list somewhere?

And if there is we want to be able to write on our invoices the total owed amount by the customer, before and after any particular invoice (Something like: previous balance-current balance). Is that possible? Will it be?

Thank you in advance



@lubos is it possible to have a little answer here. It is crucial, especially the last part of the question about that possibility…

Any news about the variables for the View Templates?

I’m going to extend view template support across all printable content early next month. Then I will publish complete list of variables.

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Is the list already available??

Is the list available? If so may you publish for us the link.

Thank you in advance

You are looking at an obsolete topic. View templates do not exist any more. They were replaced by custom themes in November 2016. All variables are used in the default theme.