Additional info on Sales Invoices document


This is the first time I create a topic in this forum, thus I have to thank first for this great software.

I would like to know if there is a way for me to display additional information on Sales Invoices document. Specifically I want the current balance with the customer added at the bottom of the document including the latest invoice details. Or is there another way to have such a document -as a report maybe- in the software?

I’m also new in accounting so I don’t know how certain accounting procedures are in any countries in the world or in other words what people include or not in any type of accounting document. But here in Turkey when a sales occurs, the seller gives the customer a document showing all the products that are sold at that specific time and also what remains as receivable or payable. So, the document I desire to create is actually a sales invoice with current account balance which includes the amount of that sales.

I would appreciate your help.

Use custom fields. See Use custom fields | Manager.

That is a statement. See Issue customer statements | Manager.

In Manager, a sales invoice is a transaction. A customer statement is a report. The two cannot be combined.

So, can I create a statement which shows the latest sales invoice details and current balance?

Yes, use the Customer Transactions Report

@Joe91 When I create Customer Statements (Transactions), it doesn’t show the latest invoice details, i.e. the items that were sold. Are you referring to a possibility of customising customer transactions report?

@Tut I did create a custom field but it is only there to be filled manually with anything as far as I can see. Did you mean I could write the current balance manually? Is there a way to do it automatically?

A sales invoice is a transaction, alright. We can view that transaction as a document right? I want to print a paper that shows the details of a transaction with the current balance including that transaction (and you can be sure that everyone in Turkey wants this, which they have already access to actually with any other accounting softwares made in Turkey).


Can I not add a new column to the Sales Invoice document with a custom theme and put there the current balance with the customer?

You cannot include variables in a theme that are not incorporated by the program. You would need a custom field and some very arduous editing of code.

The variables incorporated by the program is what I need to know about obviously. Can you give me a lead towards that arduous editing of code which I would like to dive into?

All variables are included in the Plain theme. Other information is contained in the Guide about customizing themes.