New inventory items to be added

I have been using the cloud version for several months now and I got some new goods to add to my inventory. I normally go to purchase invoice and input the item number but recently it won’t allow me to add any new item numbers. Any suggestions?

Where won’t the program allow new inventory items? These must be added in the Inventory Items tab.

I did select Inventory items tab I put in the item code and the item name, these are new items I received but it does not all me to enter quantity. I also notice that I can’t select the edit option.

Can’t see your full screen but there should be a Create : Create and Add button under the Choose File button.

According to your breadcrumbs, you are already on the Edit screen.

First, you don’t need a starting balance after the business is up and running. You only need starting balances when migrating from a prior accounting system.

Second, quantities of newly added inventory items are added by recording purchases, not as starting balances.