Adding new inventory items within purchase order

When I create a purchase order, do I seriously have to make sure the item is in inventory? Couldn’t I fill in the inventory item box and then the program will auto populate and insert into inventory item? I think this will be much more user friendly.

Can you be more specific? It’s not clear what you mean, you can upload screenshot too.

Please see example

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I see. Soon it will be possible to create new inventory items, customers, suppliers and other accounts directly within the form.

In other words, this is not just about inventory items. Some users have been requesting the same thing for customers so this is more global usability issue that is already on our roadmap.


Any updates on this?

Adding inventory items at Purchase order, Purchase invoice or Sales Invoice stage, instead of having to create inventory items before creating the PO/PI/SI?

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Any updates regarding this request?

No change to the program yet. But if you search the forum, there have been many discussions about how to open multiple windows so you can create a new item, customer, supplier, etc., without leaving the window you have open for a transaction. Exact options depend on your operating system.