Add starting inventory


Hello! Im starting to use Manager and I have raw materials and finished products that I wish to add to the inventory stock . The only option I see to do this is by making purchase invoices… but these items do not reflect new purchases as they are already paid for.
How can I load my preexisting stock amount?
thank you!


click on new inventory item and then select import on the right hand side and you can import from a spreadsheet.

Please BACKUP your accounting data first before importing in case something goes wrong.


Thats great… only I am able to enter the item price, but not the quantity of item that I have in stock.

For example, I want to add 25 meters of a fabric. Im only able to add the price, but not the amount of meters we have…


When the developer reads this post, he may be able to advise you. I didn’t realise that the import does not support importing quantity. The inventory module was only added a few months ago, so maybe nobody has used the import inventory option. The developer should be able to sort that out.


Inventory opening balances are not just about quantity. It’s also about the value of this quantity.

Right now, opening balances need to be set manually under Opening balance report. But before you will need to set your Start date as of which date you are setting opening balances for all your accounts (including inventory items).