New Inventory Item tab not blank

when I open the New Inventory Item tab, instead of be blank and ready for new item information, it shows always information about one particular item saved some time ago. It is possible to overwrite the information but it is adding extra time to recheck that all information of the old item have been properly removed to avoid description and codification mismatches. Did any of you encountered this problem? How to solve it?

Can you post a screen shot of the inventory item form as it comes up? Also, which version number and edition (desktop, server, or cloud) are you using?

this is what I see when I open the New inventory Item tab
Server Version, but I dont know how to check the version number.

What do you have under SettingsForm DefaultsInventory Item ?

Under setting/form default I have no inventory item

OK, it will need to be added. Then you will be able to fix your default inventory item form.

I’m with @Tdyna2016. Form Defaults was my first thought, but there is nothing available for inventory items. Did there used to be, and it disappeared?

How to add the Inventory new Item in the default form?

You can’t. Wait for a new release version.


In the latest version (18.8.62), it’s now possible to set form defaults for inventory items too.