Inventory item tracking codes not auto-filling

Tracking codes not working correctly in the version 21.3.97 as below

I added before the tracking code in the inventory item so and it shown automatically in sales invoice but now and in that version 21.3.97 not appeared

English language screen shots would increase the audience which can provide support.

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The problem here is that an Inventory item was assigned to a tracking code. The first screenshot shows that.

Later when referring to that inventory item in a sales invoice, the tracking code isn’t carried over to the invoice lines. The second screenshot shows it.

I can reproduce that on cloud v.21.3.97.

Before it worked good but now there is a mistake i do not know what is the solution

I moved this topic to bugs and edited the subject. The same thing happened recently for non-inventory items.

Fixed in the latest version (21.4.10)

Thank you Lubos!
Awaiting the activation of this version on the servers in Ireland…
My version is 21.4.8.

Just go to then click Restart Cloud Server to force the upgrade.

Aahhh, you have pointed this out to me before, it has slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder.

Just made a new invoice but auto filling is not working for non-inventory items.
Version is 21.4.10.
Good to see that the Qty column has been made smaller.

For non-inventory items, I need to add ability to be able to set default tracking code in the first place. I believe, this hasn’t been implemented yet at all or am I wrong?

Do you mean the option to add a tracking code to non-inventory items?

This option has been active for as long as I have been using the programme, so I am not sure if this is what you meant by

Thank you cleared already in new versions