New Inventory Item - Suggestion

I want to make a suggestion here in the New Inventory Item edit screen next to or in between the selling and purchase price that could speed up manually entered items.
A mark up column box where you can enter your mark up and then it automatically enter your selling price.

Also when you export or import inventory items. As can be seen in this screenshot in a spreadsheet. I added to columns 1 mark up calculation and the other column the mark up. If this is available in Manager then all you need to do is enter your purchase price and your mark up and your selling price is automatically entered without you sitting for hours calculating every item.

This is just an small programming future that can be done. Here is the formula (100/(100-X)) X is the number you will enter in the mark up. Lots of small business owners and even big businesses make the mistake by use purchase price multiply X% = to get selling price and guess what is happening with most of those businesses? They can’t understand why they running a small profit or they go down without any clue. If an accountant don’t help them they only become just one more statistic in the business world.


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You can enter the calculations directly into the sales price field. See Perform calculations in number fields | Manager. Note that there is a new bug report that has a tiny impact on this.

Hi Tut
I answered you in the bug report. This guide is not true. What I suggest is correct calculation for Mark Up, what is in the guide is not trust worthy at all, the need to correct the program error.
You can use a scientific calculator to test my answer and the spreadsheet answer and you will find that Manager is making a big calculation error when you do what is suggested in the guides/18222.

Spreadsheet and calculator: =(100/(100-30)*3.3 = 4.7857142857142900000 verses
Manager: (100/(100-30)*3.3 = 4.714285714285714
See the difference here?


PS. Plus the method I suggest is faster. The one in guides/18222 you have to use in every single entry you make. Then you can just sit with a calculator and workout the price, save it and the export the inventory and edit the whole inventory and import it again. But if you have the inventory I have that is over a million items then believe it is not easy to do.

As I wrote in response to your other post, your spreadsheet calculation uses a different number than you wrote in your post.

Yes, I do. The difference is you are seeing the result of two entirely different formulas.

If you are updating that many inventory items, you should be using batch operations, not changing individual items, even if there were another field such as you suggest. And, if you really have that many, you will encounter performance issues that would probably make Manager unsuitable to begin with. The developer considers tens of thousands of inventory items as the practical upper limit.

I correct mine
Spreadsheet and calculator: =(100/(100-30)*3.35 = 4.7857142857142900000
Manager: (100/(100-30)*3.35 = 4.785714285714286

I tested this in Excel, Open Office and Libre Office, all give the same answer and also my calculator.

When you use the same numbers, you are seeing the exact problem I described, with differences in the 14th decimal place. You just seem to have found another potential range in which the problem is manifested. The bug report says in the Note that there might be others I did not find.