Inventory sale price

I have thousands of items in my inventory and my sale price changes very often. Is it possible to change sale prices for items all at once upwards or downwards by putting a markup percentage on the cost of the item instead inputting sale price for each and every item?

I think the best way to handle it would be that you keep your inventory items on spreadsheet such as Excel.

When you update prices in Excel, you can then re-import those inventory items back to Manager which should update existing inventory items rather than creating duplicates.

I just need to check what will happen if you re-import these inventory items. If Manager creates duplicates, then I have to fix this so it doesn’t. Then this could work for you.

Yep, I tried it and its duplicates all over, good thing I made several backups before trying this.

It would be great if the application could be able to compare the SKU field of a batch inventory import to the SKUs of the currently existing inventory to determine whether there are duplicates.

And also a remove duplicates tool would be great, one that lets the user select which fields to use to compare the duplicate items and remove them via a delete all duplicates option. I think this would be best since different users will have different types of duplicates, e.g. the SKU can be the same but the descriptions and prices differ or multiple SKUs with the same description…

Give it some thought…

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@Adam, I’m working on new import function with more features and more intuitive workflow. It will have support to re-import modified objects (e.g. inventory items) too.

Thats awesome, can’t wait for the update… Any idea when it will be ready?

It could be ready by end of this week.

Wow. Please tag me the link here. Thanks man you’re the best.

The latest version (15.5.70) supports batch update.

Have a look at Manager Cloud

Super update, works smooth. Id like to know if tis possible to create some sort of formula field that will allow users to derive a sales price form the formula and the cost price. It will help address the issue @hyl was having and mine to. Our markup changes a lot depending on the exchange rates and shipping costs so its hard to keep up with it by updating and importing an excel sheet.

But you could set up formulas in Excel spreadsheet and do batch updates to Manager periodically… why not that way?

i have the same problem but the link posted here for solution does not work please give me the link

You are looking at a post more than three years old. The structure of Guides has changed several times since then. And there is now a very practical Search function for the Guides.