Creating General Price Mark Up

I have just entered the cost prices of nearly 400 SKU’s, is there a way to add a general 20% markup to reflect as my selling price across all lines without having to add manually?

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I concur. I want a feature, where I can update the cost price and the selling price is updated automatically by whatever amount or percentage I have set. This would be quite useful.

So how about if you would use Export button to export all your items to external spreadsheet program. Adjust your prices there, then re-import back into the program. Would that be acceptable?

Don’t try it yet. I need to implement this but I think this would be the best way to deal with it, right?

I could do that, but believe development of my suggestion would be of interest to many users. Could even go further to using A Price, B Price, C Price which will be applicable to different customers. In my case at least this will be useful and time saving.

I would just have the selling price have three conditions. One - you put the price in manually, two you could say mark up the price by x amount or three you could say mark up the price by x percentage. In general the markup is always going to be the same, the cost price is the only thing that tends to change, therefore having a static markup (ie raise price by x amount or x percentage of cost price) is actually going to be used by a lot of people who sell a lot of inventory.

I would not use an export/import system as I would be worried about corrupted imports. I have done enough importing and exporting to know that there is an element of risk involved in the process as data can be lost (as in not transferred properly or into the wrong account etc)

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