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Profit Ratio
I respect everyone’s opinions, and we ask the developers of the program to include the profit percentage box next to the purchase price and sale price box as shown in the illustration, which facilitates the speedy calculation of the profit percentage for each item separately while entering the items into the program
Instead of including in the reports for the profit margin after the completion of sales operations
We respect everyone’s opinion and appreciate all the efforts made by those in charge of the program

Where do you expect the program to use this ratio? And how?

The percentage is used when calculating the percentage of profits for each item separately when entering items into warehouses by the program instead of using auxiliary tools such as calculators and auxiliary programs such as Excel and others
for example
My company trades in household appliances. And buy a specific product, let it be an electric refrigerator with a capacity of 16 feet, and the purchase price is 9500 pounds, so how can I calculate the profit percentage while entering the product into the warehouses and uploading it to the program?

Buying price…Selling price…Profit ratio…

The net profit for the product will be 15%, or what is returned 11875 in the case of writing either of them gives the other (the selling price is equal to the profit percentage)
It is easy and simple. The selling price can be controlled by determining the percentage of profit and vice versa. The percentage can be controlled through the selling price
Also, please note that the picture attached to the proposal shows with all the criteria what can be explained by the explanation
Thank you for your follow up

Manager is an accounting program, not a pricing or estimating program. So far, the developer has not included any features that estimate or determine pricing of inventory items, so I would not expect to see this implemented.

However, if you want to use the purchase and sales price fields—which are entirely optional to begin with—you can take advantage of Manager’s ability to calculate with a field. For example, enter 9500 in the purchase price field for your refrigerator. Enter 9500*1.15 in the sales price field if you want a 15% gross profit on the sale.

That’s 13% margin. You’ll have to divide by 1 - 0.15 = 0.85 to get a 15% margin :wink:

the calculation provided by @Tut is correct. the suggestion was to calculate and enter the sales price based on profit margin and not the profit margin itself.

The price of a good is generally established by the market and not by the supplier, but if you want to calculate a price then that is as good a way as any.

The buyer will decide to purchase from you or not

We respect your cooperation in finding a solution, but how can I calculate all the 1562 items, some of whom have 5% profit, 10% of them, 20%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, varying percentages, 50%, etc.
How can I calculate that items for each of them separately?
What if the percentage of profit is added to the program?
the purchase price by the profit percentage, according to the example that I sent you earlier.

An explanation is attached to you

You can use the Batch Update feature

Copy them into a spreadsheet, perform the calculations and copy them back again

As @Joe91 wrote, it is much easier to perform an update of large numbers of inventory items via Batch Update than it would be to individually edit a profit ratio field for every item.