Mark-up column

Thank you for the email tracking, this is great!

Is it possible to add a mark-up column when in the quotations and Invoices templates?

This would enable us to entire the cost price, add the % (percentage mark-up) per line item and the program would then calculate the selling price.

The only problem is that the cost price and mark-up column must not be included in the mailed or printed quotation or Invoice.

Would this be possible?

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How does this simplify the process of issuing invoice or quote? The only use-case I can think of at this point is that invoice or quote like this would be easier to convert to purchase order but other than that I fail to see benefit. Sure there must be more behind this, or not?

Hi lubos
Is this maybe possible to create the mark-up from the purchase side? If you purchase an item/product and the amount is higher or if it is the first time you enter a cost amount that the selling price automagically adjust to the new selling price.
From the cost it must be something like this ((100/(100-mark-up amount)*cost) example ((100/(100-30)*15) that can work like this then in the cost the amount get enter and in the mark-up column you enter the amount and the selling price automatically adjust. I built a mark-up calculator in Ragic and also on my pc to get instant mark-up.
I know that Omni Accounts have a future like that but I don’t know about any other accounting software that have it. It save a lot of time when there is price increases and you have to adjust each price by hand when you have more than 1000 plus entries in your inventory to adjust.


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The way to adjust selling prices of many inventory items at once is with batch update. See