New implementation of custom reports available

I’ve added Inventory Write-off field just now to the latest version (20.6.28). Go to and click Restart Cloud Server button to force the upgrade. Then check again.

Thanks, it is what I actually want.

I am wondering if it is possible as well to have a custom report to show transactions of Receipts & Payments and Inter Account Transfers in one report

Dear @lubos, can you please add “Amount (Reverse Sign)” to the report?

By the way, I made a JOIN between Inventory Kit, Customers and Sale Invoices. Is the resulting table an INNER JOIN? It shows me only sold inventory kits and not the to one which were never sold.

It could be usefull to choose between INNER or OUTER JOIN.

Dear @lubos,

other suggestion:

  1. why not adding the possibility to rename the columns directly in the select list by just adding a “name” filed on the right of each field?
  2. can you please add the possibility to set “until” date to Today in order to have to report always updated?
  3. can you please add the possibily to group “custom reports” in categories to make them easily searchable in case one has many reports?
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Dear @lubos
is it possible to extend the report to catch up the starting balance of the last period or last date of the report date in case we need it.

we have Starting Balance which is need only once we put our starting balance to run the business at the first time. in the long term is is only need seldom especially if the business operate in the same software for long period.

we have starting balance which is need most of the time to show the previous balance before chosen date. extending this request will help a lot in minimizing the extracting the report to excel

the other suggestion is to add Sub Account in General Ledger Transactions

any of these ways will enable us to GL transaction for Employee Accounts, Cash Account, Bank Accounts, Special Accounts ( which is the most required area ).

is it possible to add Balance ( opening + Debit - Credit ) the list or not

@Davide the latest version (20.6.46) is adding extra fields to be able to make Tax Transactions report.

So far this would be definition for custom report to get you as close as possible to Tax Transactions report. It’s not pretty but does the job half-decently.

Also there are extra fields to cater for multiplication by negative one.


@Patch there are new fields for transaction descriptions… You can either use Description or Transaction - Name fields.


Right now, my goal is to add necessary features so this new custom report engine can fully replace the old one. By having both in the system at the same time is holding me back.

So is there anything that is possible to do in the old engine and still not possible in this new one?

Hi everyone, this is my first post and would like to say thankyou to the developers for providing such an exceptional piece of accounting software for free use.

I have created a Current Members report in the new custom reports but the report is doubling up on members,
The report column’s are all named customer instead of name, address, email and contact number.
Also the address formatting is all on one 1 line unlike the old custom reports engine.
screenshots attached.
I know there are teething problems. I just wanted to point this issue out, I am using desktop version 20.6.48
view of Current Members Report

@don63 doubling up is because the report actually shows list of transactions. You can check Group by and select Customer, then collapse groups. This will ensure each line would be unique customer. Other issues are still being worked on (column names, text wrapping etc.) Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks lubos , collapse groups removed the doubling.

There are no customer transactions.
person 1 and person 2 are only listed under the customers tab
I noticed that order function is not working.
I look forward to future updates.

I have noticed a few things that require some further work

  1. The ability to edit the column heading (already noted - actually having this as part of the Select group would be great)
  2. When I clone a Custom Report, edit the parameters and click on Create it shows the original report and not the cloned report. The cloned report is created correctly but you have to return to the Custom Report list and click on View to see it
  3. There are no Grand Totals when you have Group Totals

There was “Contact” in the old engine that reported in one column when the report included line items over more than one module. As far as I can see more than one column is required to capture these in the new engine.

Also is it possible for the “General Ledger Account” filter to include “Name Contains”, the same as other filters.

Otherwise it is not possible to use this work around anymore.

Thanks for the Tax Report. Can you please add also “Net Sales”, “Total Sales”, “Net Purchases” and “Total Purchases” to make it complete?

In your report I see that we are still missing “Contact” which, as far as I can undestand, it’s Client form Sales Invoices, Suppliers for Purchase Invoices, Payee for Payments and so on.

Another thing that I’m missing is subtotals for each grouping level and a grandtotal at the end of the report.

Renaming columns is a must have to make it usable. Please consider putting this option directly in a column on the right side of the select section in order to keep the interface slim.

Please also consider sharing “Custom Fields” through different Tabs (or aggregating them before reporting) so that full filtering in reporting can be done (for example a custom field in purchase invoice and in sale invoice that can be used to filter both of them).

I really like the “Groups to Collapse” feature. This is typically what we needed for bespoke Charity reports that the P & L could not offer. So a big thank you… it got put in place without making it to the ideas section.

Custom Reports - Display Account / Group Totals Only

I use the same work around. In the longer term not needing the workaround would be better. That probably involves being able to test for isIncomeAccount, isExpenseAccount, and the tests for account names including the user created groups. We probably also need to be able to test for account code ranges (greater than, less than) and the “or” operator.

To summarize things I use which are not in the new custom report

  • “General Ledger Account” → “Name” is available by leaving the field selection blank (which I find a surprising method) but the “Contains” operator is not available.

  • The converse applies to “Tax code” → “Name” which has the “Contains” operator but not the “is not” which I also use

  • “General Ledger Account” → “Code” is not displayable.

  • The summary page was previously in “Account | Code” order. Custom report display by “Summary page order” or “Account | Code” is not possible with the new custom report.

  • “Transaction” → “Name” enables display / “Select …” but not search / “Where …” as no operators (“is”, “Contains”) are selectable if “Name” is selected, and leaving it blank only enables boolean or null testing

Having said that, I mostly use custom reports for data validation, enabling rapid display of edge cases and possible erroneous data entry. A task only done every couple of months and there are other less efficient ways of achieving the same so

  • I can actually live with no custom reports until you get the new reports working properly.

  • The Capital account / sub account functionality in the new custom report is already much better then the old custom reports.

I may be a bit slow!

I was looking for filter for “General Ledger Account” → “IsBalanceSheetAccount”.

Then it dawned on me:

If it’s not profit and loss than it’s balance sheet…

The latest version (20.6.54) is fixing following issues:

  • Totals and grand totals everywhere
  • Ability to rename columns
  • New inner fields Code and Name for General Ledger Account field.
  • New Contact field - for the record, I don’t like this field but putting it in for the time being because currently there isn’t better way of doing this.

After having this in, what else is possible in the old custom report implementation and not yet possible in new one?

The Download shows V 20.6.53 for Windows and Linux and V 20.6.54 for Mac :frowning:

It’s available now :slight_smile:

Odd behaviour from Custom Report - Date range selected and Date appears on the report but is not selectable in the Select, Order By nor Group by field

results in

No Grand Total either

In fact the Order by does not seem to be working at all now !