Cannot Create a Customer List - custom report

I am trying to create custom report to just show my customers name and phone number. I had a previous created list but upon a number of recent updates to 20.7.78 I now have a warning my report contains obsolete custom report definitions. My old list was selected from “Customers”. I am unable to find this selection now. Any idea on how I can create the list within manager?

the custom reports had undergone a lot of changes recently and now you are able to query only transactions unlike the previous custom reports which enabled to query master data. there has been many related discussions on the forum. please read them to understand these better.

Not what you want to here but you can

  • Batch update
  • Paste into a spreadsheet or database program
  • Format and print from there

I suspect the new custom report writer has further changes planned so other options maybe available later.

Thanks @sharpdrivetek and @Patch. I hope @lubos intends to reinstate the ability to report on master data on further updates.

I believe the reason is

Given how much has been recently added to Manager and what appears to be coming soon, I can see good reason to prioritize the work. Unfortunately that means perfectly good features will need to wait a bit.

But perhaps patience is a good thing

I am like you a “victim” of these updates, I didn’t like how they were deployed, I made a complain thread but I can foresee what is coming and I like it so much.

If you look at the working in custom reports for the obsolete one you will see that many fields shows UUID instead of the name. I believe that’s because the new reporting and implementation required an underlying preliminary work. Keeping both reports working would mean double work for Lubos so I can understand his decision.

We have to wait a little bit and hopefully everything will be solved.

FWIW - I was able to ‘simulate’ a customer list by selecting only from the customer table then grouping by customer name and collapsing the group. This gets rid of the duplicates and the unwanted leftmost date column. I run the report with a date range of 1/1/2001 to 12/31/2099. It’s a horrible workaround, but best I could do. Hope that helps.

I agree with everyone’s comments. New reports definitely have some good improvements for transaction based reporting but the deployment was not well thought out. I still can’t find a way to create simple price lists from non-inventory items.

Export the list to Excel and print from there?

try this

Thanks @don63 this achieves exactly what I wanted without resorting to the inevitable copy/paste to the spreadsheet. I am sure others will be pleased with your input here.

This particular report works since when you create a Customer you always use it at least in one transaction (usually).

Yes @Davide I saw that the new list I created excluded new customers I had added but who had not been invoiced yet. I also saw that it picks up customers who have not been billed yet but have made a payment. Works for what I want from this report at this time.