New "Folders" tab

Hi All,

Apologies if this has already been asked but a search of the Forum has come up with no information. I’ve just updated to v16.9.59 and noticed a couple of new items. I’ve read about the Special Accounts which look very useful but also noticed a new tab called “Folders”. Can anyone tell me what the new “Folders” tab relates to and how to use it please?

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I saw that too. Don’t know what can do but I would love an answer to this.

I think folder is probably connected to new attachments feature


Can anyone point me in the direction of the documentation or guidance for the Attachments feature please? Unfortunately the link supplied goes to a screen which says “this page has been moved” but doesn’t tell you where.

Many thanks.

There is no such documentation. The capability does not exist yet. @Marteinn_Brynjolfur may be correct about what the Folders tab will be for eventually, but right now you cannot attach anything.

Hi Tut, thanks for responding. At the moment, I can create folders but as you say, they don’t do anything. I’ll just keep an eye out for any updates on this.

Hold your horses guys!

@lubos will inform us when he is ready…

is this how you using the folders tab?

looks a bit weird…

I don’t know what you mean by your question. Your screen shot shows a folder you named “File Pengurusan Kg Kubu Gajah” when you created it. There is an attachment PDF stored in the folder. You happen to be displaying it while a custom theme is selected, into which you have inserted the “Bill to:” content. Obviously, that makes no sense for a folder display, but you are the one who created the custom theme and selected it. That custom theme applies to all forms, not just sales invoices.

So, this is how folders are displayed. As for how you use the Folders tab, that is up to you.

Well the part I don’t understand why the Folder tab view shows invoice custom theme from template? I thought is to show content of documents.

Is this normal? Other than the word "File Pengurusan… " which is the name of the folder and the Folder text in bold?

Or I misunderstood that the logo and my business info is used as folder cover? For appearance sake?

This is not really meant as a document for anyone to view. It is just a convenient way to list attachments that are in the folder. The list is at the bottom left corner. In your screen shot, you have Massa Invoice June (fix) 2016 that you attached.

The display of the Folder form is also not a way to view the attachment. You must open an attachment by clicking on it.

This feature is available without Folders being enabled. You can, for example, attach a scanned document to a sales invoice or any other form. Folders is just a way to organize attachments.

Thanks for clarification @Tut but still the theme buttons to display in folder’s tab kinda puzzling. Why is that?

So you can change themes.

Oh alright…