Custom Fields defaults missing for few tabs

hello @lubos

i recently noticed with the help of @acecombat2 that there was no provision to set defaults for custom fields for those tabs which are not included in the recently introduced Form Defaults.

various tabs like Customers, Suppliers, Inventory Items are not available in the Form Defaults and the custom fields created for such tabs do not have any provision to set any defaults.

please fix this in any way possible. maybe re-introduce the default text field when creating custom fields for such tabs.


Reference of what we have in mind. Using Folders for Images : Desktop Edition

Is a working Idea. and I think the path images won’t change even we open the datafile on another computer. For offline usage.

Even though @Tut mentioned is only available certain steps to windows os only.

Form Defaults are settings that can be applied to financial transaction forms only. The feature does not include the ability to set default content for list entries, like customers, suppliers, inventory items, bank accounts, cash accounts, fixed or intangible assets, or folders.

as far as i can remember, all custom fields irrespective of financial transaction forms or list entries had the ability to set a default before Form Defaults was introduced.
just because Form Defaults apply only to the financial transaction forms, the ability to set defaults for list entries should not be taken away.

or just have the custom field’s default text back. That would be minimal at least. The question of what not listed in default form would be practical and frequent usage.

I’m aware that once Form Defaults have been introduced, ability to set default values for custom fields under customers, suppliers, inventory items etc. has been lost. The main reason not including every single form under Form Defaults is to not overwhelm it with so many forms to set defaults on.

Form Defaults is a good concept but perhaps it shouldn’t be under Settings. maybe every tab should have subtle button to allow set form defaults within that particular tab. Like there are already button for batch operations…

My opinion would be not to do this. Form defaults are settings and should remain in that tab. Batch operations are data entries or manipulations. Personally, I would just be sure that every custom field appears on its relevant form, where desired default text can be entered.

Leaving everything together under Settings lets a user go to one place and completely implement any desired scheme for default themes, content, or accounts.

Yeah, when you think about it like that, Form Defaults should stay under Settings.

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agree. minimal.

Is there any progress on this. I want to set the new theme we have created to folders via form defaults but there is no option. Also i would like to hide the name ‘folders’ on the final PDF document. (the second part can be done via themes removing the title of the page so that is ok or via form defaults and renaming the title)

I have created some custom fields for folders like ‘body’ ‘date’ etc. and trying to get multiple employees to just type out all letter correspondence via that so that it is all in one place instead of being in 100 word documents.

If i could wrap my letter head theme around this and download it as a PDF that would save alot of time instead of us saving word documents in different google drive folder etc.

Please let me know if this can be done. Should be a very small change

A folder in Manager is used to organize similar documents necessary for a business.
You are expecting a folder to behave like a file. i personally do not think that is going to happen.

Progress on what? The original subject was missing custom fields. All fields now show on form defaults. But several other things were also discussed in this old thread.

What do you mean by this? Folders are a method for organizing attachments. See If you are referring to something else, please be more specific.

You answered your own comment in the next sentence.

Manager is not going to become a substitute for your word processing program.

Finally, do not double post questions and comments. Your second one has been deleted.