Envelopes Suggestions

What is the point of having envelopes and not to be possible to have the address of a customer on them. We should be able to chose a customer and print his address on there.

Also I think there should be custom fields for the envelopes too.

What are you referring to?

We have envelopes but when i am trying to create one, it doesn’t ask me for the “recipient”.

It is asking me only for description…

Please ignore the theme, it’s a work in progress for envelopes. But i don’t have the motivation because i can’t put a recipient either way.

@AntonisV, you have misunderstood the translation of a word. The tab you are referring to, in English, is Folders, not Envelopes. A folder referred originally to a heavyweight, folded paper product to contain a group of related documents. This has evolved into also meaning a common storage location for electronic files. An envelope refers to the lightweight paper product typically used for sending a document or letter in regular postal mail. The difference is small, but important.

The Folders tab in Manager is for organizing attachments, such as scanned receipts, not printing addresses on envelopes.