Move Bank Transactions Up and Down Feature Request

When I have bank multiple transactions on the same day, I have the issue that the order of the bank transactions on that day cannot be moved up and down.

For example, I might have £10, £20, £30 transactions on the 5th February. In Manager, it might show as £10, £20 and £30, but on my online bank account it might show as £10 £30 and then £20.

It would make it easier to balance Manager with the online bank if one could change the order of entries on the same day, by moving them up and down. Could this be added to the ideas category Thank you.

this was already discussed. please read the below.

Thank you. I will try putting in reference numbers and see if that works. I don’t really need reference numbers for anything in bank spend and receive, so can use reference numbers to move the transactions up and down.

Having said that, this won’t help people who want to move transactions up and down, and also use the references for whatever they use them for. Having the ability to move transactions up and down using a plus or minus button or something might be one that Lubos would consider to be optimal.