New feature request: Expense Claim status

In expense claim tab, each user will enter their own expense claims.
Later administration will approve it (green like paid in full icon) or decline it (red color)

if the approval is done by the administration then it can get posted on expense claim or employee clearing account.

if it is declined then the expense claim entry is like inactive entry.

we can also keep a condition like: while creating a expense claim user should upload receipt if the amount to claim is more than 10USD (Changeable by admin) otherwise they cant create expense claim.

Right now, you should enter only approved expense claims. I think I could add statuses like Pending, Approved, Declined. Only when status is set to Approved the entry will be actually posted to general ledger. Otherwise it will have no impact on account balances.

can we have pending, approve and decline buttons on the main page of expense claim list?

in this way we dont have to open each and every expense claims.

Thank you

Any update regarding this?

We are getting confused with old expense claims which were already paid.
Can we get status on it if it’s paid in full or something like sales invoice status.

Yeah in the future this could be extended to all entries making it possible to post or not to post a transaction even after the user has entered it. It would be great if the user can enable this feature or not, and also enable t for users or not in a networked set up