New desk top version for new company

Simple query, I use the desk top version for my small company which is fantastic.
My wife is starting her new company for which i do her admin,finance etc etc.
Can i down load a new version on my PC for her or does she need to load it on her PC,She also has a different email address,company name etc to register.
The reason for the question is as i do her admin etc it would be easier for me to access both company’s on my PC.

Just add a new business. Read the Guide about that. You can have as many as you want.

which one!

The one about how to add a business.

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@gerard if you want to access both componies using your pc it is another thing. example: if your componies are in different locations and you want to access both of them at the same time and your wife is administrator of another compony.
then you should put in your desktop manager server program and not manager desktop program. if you open this in your computer then your wife will be working in your computer but in her own location. using this, your computer should connect to internet for your wife to find it and open her business. download manager server version in your desktop also this needs license to work well