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Hi, great job on Manager! Thanks!

How can I change the location of the Manager file, so that I can use the same file over a VPN?
Also, can the file be opened by 3 persons at the same time?

Thanks again,

I will be releasing server edition pretty soon. This will allow you to run Manager as a web-server and therefore give access to multiple users. Give me a week to prepare a package for it.


Something simpler might suffice.
The ability to move the save location might be nice.

That way we can move it in our Dropbox folder lets say, and that way we can have it on multiple pcs.

Dropbox cannot merge conflicts. Conflict resolution in Dropbox is basically creating a new file which essentially rules out multi-user access so it’s not solving the problem for OP.

Hi Lubos, great to have M forum, can you guide please on how to sync local storage with network one?

I’m looking forward to a web server edition. I generally prefer anything we can run on our servers

The latest version now allows to connect to Manager over the network using web-browser. The port number and password is available under “About Manager” tab.

If you are using Windows, due to underlying security model, you will need to run Manager as administrator if you want to take advantage of this feature. Simply right click on Manager icon, then select “Run as administrator”.

Yes…the new feature is awesome but is there a way we can run the manager application in background or as a service. It fine as it is but it would make easy as currently we have to keep the manager application open and if you accidentally close it you have to again get the port number and token.

Thanks Lubos that is pretty awesome. I second this comment about running as a service (on the mac in this case) but for the time being this’ll be more than adequate for my needs.


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I think the easiest solution for now would be to allow overriding port number and secret token so that way even if you restart Manager, it will launch on the same port number with the same secret token. I should be able to add it today.

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In the latest version, you can now set your own password for local web server. Regarding port number, it is not possible to change it yet but Manager will remember which port number has been used last time and will re-use it next time.

Hi Lubos

Is there anyway to force the port to change (not set as static but just not remember the previous port) my firewall won’t let me use the ports being assigned typically in the 64xxx range which I know isn’t your fault but I’ve had to stay on the previous release which means I cannot change the secret key.

Are there any plans to allow choosing of a port number?

As always though thanks for the hard work


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