Negative amount on Cash and Bank


Can we enter negative amount in cash on hand or at bank? When I enter negative amount to fill transaction, for example in Cash on Hand, I enter salary expense and employee tax payable:

In Amount --> Salary Expense = 200.000 
              Employee Tax Payable = (10.000)
So Cash out = 190.000

But when I edit anything, the negative amount resets back to zero, so I have to fill again and again when I have to edit Description or anything else.


Negative amounts are definitely supported. Can you try using minus sign instead of brackets to indicate negative amount?


Yes, I have, but when I edit the transaction, the negative amount back to the default value, 0, so i have to input again the negative amount.


What is your Date and number format set to under Preferences tab?


Standard use, English (US)


Please try the latest version (13.1.9)


I have try, and the problems solved, thnx mr lubos.