Needs authorization error when downloading Manager

I don’t know why am always faced with this error everytime am trying to download Manager… It reaches a certain part then fails with that error… always and only with Manager

Have you tried with another browser?

Not yet though coz I actually have only chrome… but sometime back I tried with opera mini and it was still failing… only finished by luck on chrome after a million tries… it still failed a minute ago😣

Share your download link

I was able to download the file smoothly. You may need to clear cache or your browsing history and try again.

Or security/privacy settings

I’ve tried switching browsers but it still fails… I was requesting someone to kindly email me the setup as an attachment… maybe it will solve the browser problem…coz I really really need an update

Is your PC part of a business or office network?

If so, your Network administrator may not allow downloading software

Actually am using my mobile to download the setup

The .msi file stands for Microsoft Installer File. It looks like at some point in your process that your phone is also trying to install the file, which basically means making a so called Microsoft Executable file with extension .exe. This is a so called SIlent Installation attempt by your phone and is not triggered by Manager. To get an error like this means also that the download itself will have been completed.

So without knowing why not downloading it directly onto the computer you need to figure out why your phone and its operating system want to open the .msi file as part of the download process. This is not something caused by Manager and change is thus required from your end.

You may check the phone Settings>Security>Unknown sources and uncheck allow installation of apps from (unknown sources).

You can not install Manager on a mobile phone afaik

That’s true

Meanwhile Am trying this

This has still failed… But look… I’ll be very grateful if someone simply emailed me the setup so as it downloads with google drive other than a browser… All this will be solved In a flash… thanks in advance

What exactly are you trying to do?

Please explain what hardware and operating system you are trying to install to

Windows 10 x64 bit…

Am trying to download a manager update via the official site but my browsers have all failed to complete the download… It could reach like 80mbs then stop with an error “needs verification”… oh and am downloading it on my fone so as I transfer later coz I can’t get internet connectivity to pc in the meantime

Well you can’t do that. Set up your phone as a tether and download it directly to the pc using a wifi connection to your phone

I hope you have a good mobile data contract as you are downloading 100MB each time you try

But it ain’t the first time I download Manager on my fone then transfer the setup… The error just happened this time… Tho the last time was also a bit of a hustle to get it to complete