Need to pay invoice 3 times or more

When I make an invoice, I have to pay it in 3-4 times to be sure that it’s clear to zero.

For example, on a bill of 30$,

  1. It will pay 25 $
  2. It will pay a balance of 4.50$
  3. It will pay to 0.49 $
  4. It will clear it to 0.00$.

It’s pretty annoying and it’s a waste of time.

Something I do wrong? What could I do to pay it in one time?

Just guessing here, but are you including tax on the payment by any chance?
If so, remove the tax element as tax is accounted for on the invoice?

No, I didnt put taxes. I didnt put invoice number too…I try once with a number and it pay it completely. I will try it again to see if it’s just a luck or if it’s solve the problem.

You need to provide more specific information:

  1. Is this a purchase invoice or a sales invoice?
  2. What do you mean when’d you say “It will pay?”
  3. If a purchase invoice, are you using the Spend money function and assigning to Accounts payable => Supplier => Invoice number?
  4. If a sales invoice, are you using the Receive money function and assigning to Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice number?
  5. Are you paying or receiving money from the invoice view or within the Cash Accounts tab?
  6. Can you post screen shots of the transaction where you entered the payments?

It’s sales invoice.
When I’m on the sale invoice, for ex. Ms EXA, I want to get paid. I push the receive money button.
I choose the main account, then no invoice number, because I was already in the invoice (and it says in grey “automatic”).
After I click, on create and it pays only a part of what it is supposed to. Not the whole invoice.

But, even if it says automatic number, I think that is the problem. I tried 2 times with a number and I worked perfectly.

You did not do as I asked. Please post a screen shot of where you entered the payment. I want to find out where you are seeing “Automatic”. If you clicked on Receive money while viewing a sales invoice, you should see a receipt entry form with a line looking like this:

The sales invoice number should be filled automatically. And the amount should match that invoice.

Yes, I see that. The amount match too. But it doesnt pay the full amount in one shot. I will try to give you a screen shot tomorrow.