Need To import my bank transaction file but i have issues

I am trying to import my account transactions.
I get form my bank a xlsx file and i convert it in .csv
Then when i am trying to import i get the message : CSV file is missing “Date” column
In the excel and in the converted .csv file there is a column of date which is in the first column.
What may is the problem?
Do you have seen a similar situation?
What is the recomended solutions?

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem, my fix is to enter the date in the csv file as “mm/dd/yyyy” and set Manager to work dates in that format

Thanks for your reply but i try both ways and still dosent work

There have been many reports on the forum of this exact problem. Search for them and see if other solutions work for you. The CSV format is the hardest to import.

Be aware that Excel does not store dates in the format you see, but as integers days after a base day. That base day varies according to your operating system. (Don’t blame me. I didn’t design it.) So try changing the Excel date formats to text before converting to CSV.

Whatever you do, understand that Manager expects the format of dates in the import to exactly match the format in your preferences, down to number of digits, order of day, month, year, and separator symbols.

Regarding this, the only way I’ve been able to import CSV is entering dates as mm/dd/yyyy and “.” as decimal separator and I have to change Manager’s preferences every time I want to import the CSV.

I haven’t been able to use ‘Spanish’ configuration in the CSV and Manager to import them.